Pediatric Surgery Research

Tissue Regeneration Laboratory

Dr. James Dunn is working to help patients who suffer from Short Bowel Syndrome.


Molecular and Cell Signaling Laboratory

Dr. Karl Sylvester's research seeks to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to infant and pediatric disease through a greater understanding of the molecular and cellular biology of human metabolism and inflammation. 

Dr Chao's Research

Dr. Chao's research projects focus on preventing surgical diseases and minimizing the impact of surgery. 

Pediatric Health Technology Laboratory

Dr. James Wall focuses his research on technology projects that can be used to improve the treatment options for children.

Translational Medicine Laboratory

Bruce Ling, Ph.D., is the Research Director for the Translational Medicine Research Program, a groundbreaking program designed to generate a broad array of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics solutions that clinicians can use to treat their patients.

Pediatric Oncology Laboratory

Dr. Chiu's research focus is on pediatric solid tumors, especially neuroblastoma.