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Research Director

Dr. Bill Chiu

Dr. Bill Chiu has been performing biomedical research since 1993, utilizing animal models to study human diseases. Previously, he has developed an inflammation-based mouse model for abdominal aortic aneurysm and a rat model simulating portal vein obstruction to study coagulation factor alteration. Dr. Chiu's current focus is on pediatric solid tumors, especially neuroblastoma. He has developed various preclinical animal models for neuroblastoma, including orthotopic mouse models, patient derived xenograft models, and surgical resection models. These models are platforms for testing novel treatment strategies as well as tools to understand the mechanisms of tumor formation. Dr. Chiu’s laboratory is supported by the NIH, American College of Surgeons, and industry partners.

Mission Statement

To understand the mechanisms of pediatric solid tumors, precisely target the specific causes, and devise unique medical or surgical treatments for every child


Develop preclinical models that can faithfully recapitulate the tumor mechanism and microenvironment

Design, create, and develop different controlled release platforms that can be loaded with novel therapeutics and applied in solid tumors

Utilize molecular, genetic, immunological, bioengineering, and bioinformatics approaches to study mechanisms of tumor formation, progression, and metastasis

Develop minimally invasive protocol capable of precisely targeting solid tumor and improving surgical resection margins


Lab Members

Jasmine Zeki

Jasmine Zeki received her BA in Neurobiology from New College of Florida and has been the lead research professional in Dr Chiu’s lab since November 2016. Her work includes cell culture, small animal ultrasound, interventional surgical procedures, histological sample preparation, and statistical analysis. Prior to joining Dr. Chiu's lab, Jasmine has contributed to other fields of scientific research including neurobiology, marine biology, hospital quality of care, and clinical Public Health.