Stephanie Chao, MD

  • Chest Wall Study with 3D Imaging and Survey
  • ECMO Study
  • Chest Wall Sensory Study
  • C-Spine Study

James Dunn, MD

  • Intestinal Tissue
  • G-Tech Study
  • Intestinal Rehabilitation Database

Claudia Mueller, MD

  • Proximal Esophageal Atresia with Distal Tracheoesopageal Fistula Repair to TEF Study
  • Anxiety and Empowerment in Prenatal Surgical Anomaly Diagnoses
  • Pediatric Health Mindsets

James Wall, MD

  • POEM Study
  • NEC Breath Study

Bill Chiu, MD

  • Solid Tumor Xenographs
  • Pilonidal Outcome and Impact


Julie Fuchs, MD

  • PCPLC Core Data Project

Janey Pratt, MD

  • Bariatric Mindset Study
  • COSMIC Study

Karl Sylvester, MD

  • NICU Stool Study
  • Metabolic Health Center
  • Microbiome and Metabolomics Stool Study-NICU